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  1. wwinkler December 21, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Is your company considering adding a server to your computer network ?
    If your small business has more than one employee or it does business from more than one location, then it’s time to explore the addition of a server to make your business more efficient. So in order to help you decide the outcome take a moment to discuss a few questions.

    Does your business have more than one computer?
    Do your employees work from multiple locations?
    Does your business have a website?
    Do you have information you need to keep secure?
    Do your employees share resources like printers and scanners?
    How Can a Server Help Your Business?
    Thanks to an explosion in electronic data and the pervasive use of computers and mobile devices, a server can help small businesses in any industry run more efficiently. Some industries might be more interested in security, while others will find the biggest advantage of adopting a server-based network lies in its storage capacity or ability to run applications. The fact is that adding a server to a small business in most industries helps the business run more smoothly, adds security, data protection and recovery,Information is the lifeblood of business regardless of company size or industry. By centralizing and securing the storage of information, and providing access to the employees and partners that need it, a server helps businesses run more smoothly and creates new opportunities in the process.
    Small businesses using multiple PCs or with employees in more than one location will find a server makes the sharing of information and resources easier than ever before and gives businesses the room to grow.
    What is your greatest technology challenge? Let’s discuss it and see if we can help.

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