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Qualcomm introduces 2.5 GH

Mobility takes another leap into the future today as Quailcom introduces the 2.5 GH proccessor for the mobil device community.  I think it is time to take a very serious look at touch pad mobility………

Not a type-o or exaggeration in that title.  Qualcomm actually did announce today at MWC that they have quad-core (APQ8064) Snapdragon processors in the works that can run at 2.5GHz on each core.  2.5GHz. Per. Core. Four of them.  They will also offer single (MSM8930) and dual-core (MSM8960) variants, but the whole family apparently delivers 150% higher overall performance and 65% lower power consumption than currently available ARM-based cores.  Talk about ridiculous

Full Story……….


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