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Microsoft to push Office 365

The Office 365 Offer Just Got Even Sweeter

If you’re a small business, there’s no better time to try Microsoft Office 365
than now. Microsoft is now offering a 90-day
free trial offer for organizations with up to 10 users
. Companies can sign
up for this new free offer through the end of February 2013.


Cloud Services SlideShow

Skip all the hype and let’s take a review of what really matters.  Then when we are done all we have to do is label it “CLOUD”  Would you like to learn more?? Read more of this post

Cloud Technology Review

Cloud Technology Review

While “Cloud” is a brilliant concept we still need to review……………… would you like to learn more?″>

Cloud Computing…Why do I want to know?

For many months now I have been saying that Technology is getting smarter not harder to use and support.  Here are some reliable stats to consider.

Frost & Sullivan Just Built the Cloud
Business Case for You

You probably know the cost-savings and other call center benefits inherent to the cloud.  The trouble has always been in proving it. Now, a new study by Frost & Sullivan shows up to a 58% savings, giving you the financial proof you need to substantiate a transition to the cloud.

Frost & Sullivan’s “Premise vs. Hosted Contact Center: Total Cost of Ownership Analysis” study demonstrates the dramatic cost difference between a premise-based call center and one powered by the cloud. It not only delves into the cost-savings of the cloud, but shows you how the results will impact your total cost of ownership this year, in three years and five. It also shows you how the savings will vary by call center, including a seat-range from 50, 100, 250 to 500 seats.

Arm yourself with the information you need and download the study today. You’ll get the proof you need and:

  • Have access to a tool that lets you calculate your own expected savings
  • Understand the financial difference for call centers with 50, 100, 250 and 500 seats
  • Learn why larger, more distributed call centers see higher cost savings

The Desktop Has Gone Virtual

The Desktop Has Gone Virtual.

Qualcomm introduces 2.5 GH

Mobility takes another leap into the future today as Quailcom introduces the 2.5 GH proccessor for the mobil device community.  I think it is time to take a very serious look at touch pad mobility………

Not a type-o or exaggeration in that title.  Qualcomm actually did announce today at MWC that they have quad-core (APQ8064) Snapdragon processors in the works that can run at 2.5GHz on each core.  2.5GHz. Per. Core. Four of them.  They will also offer single (MSM8930) and dual-core (MSM8960) variants, but the whole family apparently delivers 150% higher overall performance and 65% lower power consumption than currently available ARM-based cores.  Talk about ridiculous

Full Story……….

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^WW Midas Size your sales and marketing

^WW Midas Size your sales and marketing efforts

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^WW Your invited to join our unique group on linkedin Street Smart Sales Forum find out what the biz bus is all about.

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